Why Courageous Gathering?

This national gathering is based on author and speaker, Terra Mattson’s book, Courageous: Being Daughters Rooted in Grace. In a season of great unrest, it’s time to start talking about the issues that plague each and every woman, no matter where she is in her spiritual journey, age, ethnicity, or story.

Even before the COVID19 pandemic, God was already preparing a conference that would meet the needs of women everywhere for such a time as this.

Originally scheduled for March 13 & 14, 2020, we prayerfully decided to offer this conference through virtual simulcast. This means more women will have access to this unique resource gathering!

As an author, licensed marriage and family therapist, clinical director, and co-founder of Living Wholehearted and founder of Courageous Girls, Terra has walked alongside thousands of women, both in and outside of her counseling practice, noticing a common theme — women of all ages struggle with similar core wounds: unmet needs related to love, acceptance, significance, and safety. These wounds are shaped by rejection, abandonment, and abuse – even in the church.

We have lost our identity and are wandering in the desert, desperately seeking for love and significance in all the wrong places. 

What will tomorrow bring? 

Am I skinny enough? 

Will he cheat on me again? How do I ever recover?

How do I lead as a woman? 

I’m addicted to pornography. 

Is God really near and in control? 

Being a superwoman leads to burnout, but I want to be a super woman to my kids.

Is anyone else feeling anxious, afraid, depressed? 

I have been abused and haven’t told a soul. 

I have experienced discrimination because of the color of my skin, my gender, or my story.

I have friends, but I do not trust them to hold my pain?

I feel worthless, and yet I lead Bible study and teach about God’s love. 

My foundation has been shaken and I am not sure what’s next. 

I struggle with people pleasing!

We rarely talk about the deep hurts in our lives, focusing only on the weeds, and yet, processing these hurts is the very thing we need for healing and restoration. Knowing we are not alone and embracing our humanity as we walk with others is vital to being a woman of courage.C

“Let’s talk about it” in a way where we choose not to hide, pretend, or justify our struggles; and then, let’s receive grace. Let’s start letting go of judging ourselves and others for where they are in the journey of life and just be honest by saying, “me too.” Let’s begin to peel away the layers of shame and let grace transform us from the inside out. Let’s move beyond social media platforms into real relationships where trust can be built. 

We are in desperate need of reclaiming our identity as women and finding grace in the messy places of life. Now, more than ever!

Courageous Gathering is not a typical women’s gathering. This biblical and clinical collaboration will help us understand God’s ways AND how to integrate our theology into reality.

Courageous is for any daughter who longs to be loved, known, rooted, and courageous. You are not alone and there is a way to wholeness. It’s not easy. The “how” is often more of a risk than we want or are willing to take.

This gathering is perfect for a small group, mothers and adult daughters, mamas with a Courageous Girls group, women’s ministry teams, Bible study groups, college classmates, neighbors or a group of friends who are ready to go deeper.

Courageous Gathering includes:

  • 4 main sessions with powerful worship & keynote speakers
  • 40 relevant breakout sessions from expert speakers 
  • 1 Free download of ENOUGH – A worship song written for you

The Courageous Gathering Leadership Team is praying and planning for this significant resource gathering even now. We cannot wait to meet you!

Terra A. Mattson

Jocelyn Stein

Janelle O'Connell

Stephanie Stern

Amy Wolff

Rhonda Began

Beth Kershner

Joi Hailey

Becky Harnish

Melissa Boring

Questions? Please check out the details page.

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